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My wife and I found our passion in developing land over 25 years ago. I spent 26 years working as a general contractor, always working to build someone else’s dreams into a reality, brick by brick. My wife & I raised five kids on the unpredictable construction income of feast or famine. We put in 80+ hours weeks for years. One day, we finally decided to trust in our hard work and our passion to develop a company that could finally bring our dreams into reality, and now we want to help you do the same.

We needed someone to take a chance on us, to work with us on payments, trust our word even if our credit didn’t line up. We know what it’s like to be the little guy, to regret the chances we couldn’t take, all of the missed opportunities. Which is why we want to be different. As a small family business, we want to create reasonable opportunities to invest that everyone, if given the chance, can make their dream a reality.

Our Mission

The Land Smith team is dedicated to creating opportunities to invest in valuable land. We search diligently all over the country to bring a wide variety of land to our customers at affordable prices. We do all the push-ups, run surveys, clear titles, to make sure each one of our properties is a smart investment. No hidden taxes, no surprises. Just wholesome opportunities to be a land owner. Our goal is to create fair opportunities that anyone could fit into their budget. By offering owner financing along with a variety of payment structures, we make it possible to make your dream of owning your own land a reality. No credit checks, financing is always guaranteed!

Our Team

Der Smith

Business Manager


Evaluations & Contract Specialist


Marketing & Sales Manager

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