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Buying Land with No Credit Check

Posted by TheLandsmith on January 28, 2021

Buying land with NO credit check has become a more common option as the world of credit has evolved and people seek a closer relationship with their land seller.

Often times when people try to buy land they run into the hurdle of qualifying which often times can be a challenge. Banks consider many different factors when extending credit and purchasing vacant land often times represents greater risk and therefore harder qualifying for buyers.

Many companies like ours saw that gap and opportunity and have created a very easy and unique process that allows one to purchase land nearly on a handshake with terms that serve everyone and give you the breathing room to actually turn your property into your goal for it.

The Landsmith prides itself in developing friendships or sound partnerships with our clients and our hope is through that relationship, yours and our real estate portfolio will grow together. If you succeed, we succeed and you’ll see our commitment to your success reflected in everything we do.

The process of purchasing land is easy. You can browse the many options we have available and even recommend areas or specifics you’d like to find in land and we’ll include that criteria in future acquisitions. Once you’ve found the property that works for you, you’ll simple call into our team who will promptly orchestrate a painless transaction. You’ll make your down payment, own your property and be on your way!

The process only takes a few hours and without the many headaches you may have experienced in the past purchasing property, you’ll be able to focus your energy on progress.

The Landsmith with be with you not only during your term (if you’re making payments) but we’ll be with you for the long haul as a resource doing everything we can to ensure your decision to buy from us was one you’re thankful you made.

If you’re looking to purchase property easily without unnecessary hurdles and requirements, reach out to us today and we’ll look forward to forging a mutually beneficial partnership with you for many years to come.

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